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8:00 AM

13.2 mi


9:46 mi


130 lb


35 F

Race Result

172 / 352 (48.9%)
7 / 24 (29.2%)
55 / 183 (30.1%)
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Reston Half Marathon

I hurt my knee two weeks ago, so I wasn't sure how today was going to go. The weather was also pretty bad - cold, rainy, and windy. I started out conservatively and, around 1.5 miles, a woman asked if I would pace her (2-2:10ish goal). I figured that would help me from going too hard. I told her our goal pace was 9:30-10. She faded pretty badly from miles 5-9 and we started creeping above 10 minute miles. Around mile 9 she stopped to walk and I continued on my own. My knee started to hurt around mile 5 and my knee, hip, and feet were in a lot of pain by mile 11. I started doing a hobbly speed walk at that point. Luckily, the race was pretty much all down hill at that point. I told myself that I would pick up the effort once we got back to the school and I sort of did. Once I hit the track, I tried to speed up a little more. I had it in me to sprint through the finish, but decided it wasn't worth it. After I crossed the finish, I was handed my medal, a bottle of water, and a bag of chips. I went inside, ate my chips, a slice of pizza, a chicken wing (should have gotten more), and half a muffin. I then went home to help SO and his sister move us into our new house. I could barely bend my right knee, but it is feeling better as more days go by.