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5:40 AM

19 mi


9:27 mi


182 lb


72 F


3 / 10
5 / 10
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First 19 miles of the marathon training schedule. I sipped on water and gatorade throughout the entire run.

I left the house at 5:40. I took it easy at first to get warmed up and true as always the first couple miles were hard to get going. I started getting uncomfortable around mile 5 and finally around mile 8 had to make a pit stop at the local QT gas station.

At about mile 8 I took my first shot block. About a mile later you can actually see the results of that on my pace (maybe I need to start the run with one as well) I took the next shot block at about mile 15 where you can also see it reflected again in my pace.

I felt good throughout until about mile 16 when I really started to feel the effects of the run. It took a lot to keep moving those last few miles since I knew it had been almost a year since I had gone that far, and also knowing it was nearing the peak mileage for my long runs before the marathon.

I finished in just under 3 hours which I was pleased with for a training run.

When I jumped in the shower I realized that I had experienced a lot of chafing in areas that I had never chafed before. After a while looking at where I chafed it was up and down the seams of my shirt. I have wore this same shirt probably a hundred times, and on many long runs as well and never experienced this before. One spot where the seams meet on my back at my arm got it really bad. I guess that shirt will no longer be used for long runs.