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5:50 AM

3 mi


10:01 mi


73 F


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A morning run full of strange sightings to say the least.

The run started off at 5:40 rather routinely with me not wanting to get up, trying to talk myself back into bed, drinking some water, and finally stretching as I put everything on to head out the door. I got out the door about 10 minutes later than I wanted to, but those 10 minutes gave me the opportunity to see a run full of strange sightings.

It started getting strange as I came around a corner about 1/2 mile into my run. I saw some flashing lights that were a little out of the ordinary, flashing blue lights. As I neared the police car I had an opportunity to take a different turn but even though I had taken time to stretch this morning, my rubber neck didn't get quite enough of that action. As I passed the car I expected to see another car pulled over, but rather I saw two out of place teenage boys that he had stopped. My only guess is that two teenage boys walking down the road at 5:45 in the morning, obviously not dressed to run, is a somewhat suspicious sighting.

I changed my route a little bit from here so I could come back sooner than later and hope that the police were still with them when I came back by. Unfortunately I was not fast enough in returning and the police officer was gone. This made me a bit nervous not knowing if I needed to be watching out for them or not.

As if the morning had not already been full of excitement, I still had more interesting sights to see.

As I was finishing up my last mile I was back in the neighborhood and it was just after 6:00. I first saw two young ladies walking towards me which is not a strange sight, but then as if they were lost on a trip to the kitchen in the middle of the night, a small group of 4th-5th grade girls carrying pillows were following close behind.

One final odd sighting to finish them off this morning was probably one of the creepiest of all - why did that lady have to stare at me the entire time I ran by..... makes me shutter with ewwww!