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2:56 PM

5.2 mi


6:15 mi


178 bpm
195 bpm
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Second leg of the day. I was pretty proud of this one. B-18, penultimate leg and handed off to Spillone. I was excited because I thought we could get a fast finish in spite of the rain. This day consisted of a lot of sitting around in the rain, so by the time I raced, I was just trying to keep spirits high.

I passed a handful of runners who were running concurrently, but what I was proud of was catching one guy from pretty far out. He hung with me for a little bit, but I buried him over the last 400 meters. This was really a tough mental task and I was just pushing positive self-talk as much as I can and trying to channel some of the strategies I worked on in the winter in my workouts. I felt like I consistently was pushing pretty hard on tough terrain and navigating much water and yeah, I just felt good about this one.