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Race was completely unexpected. I dropped out of DMR because I didn't know how my achilles would hold up so didn't want the other guys to be let down. Good move. Went out a split second after the gunshot, wasn't fully set. Sat in the middle of the pack, went out kinda hard 14-15 for first 100. Went through 200 in 29. Felt pretty smooth. Kept it going. Came through 400 in 60-61. I felt strained at this point and that I was gonna lose it. The pack started to split up. In the last lap I passed three guys to lead our pack and took fourth in the heat. Really happy with a 204, especially with how I felt coming in and not knowing where I was. Gonna take tomorrow off to swim so hopefully I can do work this week. Leading off the 4x8 next week. Mike says I can go 2:02 right now, so his and Jake's enthusiasm is really motivating, so I'm ready to go out and roll up. Next week we will have the club 4x8 record.