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800 m


4:16 mi


Nike Max cats

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Don't know how to feel about this (not the race, but myself). I'll be the first to admit I didn't give it 100%. I had one goal going in and didn't really care, I just wanted to finish the season. I know that it is a bad mentality, but it's not gonna be a habit, especially with how I feel about the race now. Stayed in the race till about 80 meters to go and kind of coasted it in after that. I should of looked at it as my last chance to really do something and not look at it so lightly. I held my brother to a standard and was pissed when he gave up during his race and then I did the same thing during mine. Jake was right to light into me, I kind of deserved it. But, that gives me the motivation to not do that again. I'm ready for the break now though. I think it's time, and then I'm really ready/ excited to get after it this summer. Stay tuned...