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3.8 mi


6:40 mi


Not totally sure of distance, tried to do a couple rudimentary estimates based upon the first loop and the last loop. Was trying to figure out what I wanted to do and was limited by not being able to use Urbana's track while the team was there. Since I did not do hills last week, I figured I would do that and mix it up a little bit. Did a progressive hill loop so that I started with a loop about 850 meters (550 of which were the on portion) and the loop got shorter as I went along and the effort was faster. Tried to start around 3 mile pace and move up as the on portion got shorter. Wanted to make sure that I kept moving the whole time, just did not feel like I had a ton of incentive to push real hard especially on the hill by myself. I did to keep appearances in front of St. Matthew's, but felt like I had more to give, but that is probably ok.