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5 km


6:10 mi

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24 / 500 (4.8%)
10 / 50 (20%)
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Interesting 5k today. I ended up drinking a lot last night and got around 4.5-5 hours of sleep, so I had that going for me. Splits were 6:00, 12:12, and 19:09 for 5k. I never really pushed too hard at all during this. It was about threshold pace, maybe a little faster than that, but breathing was never out of control. That being said, I did not feel great. My back was really tight for the first two miles and my stride was off because of that. I should have just ran with Jackie because we ran the same pace, but I was about 5-10 seconds up on her the whole race. I kept looking back to see where she was, haha.

I was not expecting to run all that fast today. I think I could have ran close to 18:30 if I was not nauseous the whole time, but it's hard to say. Still got 8 weeks of training left in the summer, not to mention three months of season, so I think I should progress well. I just gotta make sure I stay committed to lifting and doing core.