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3300 m


4:40 mi

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Yankee Ridge


This workout was fine. Hit the times, did what we needed to. Had some miscommunication during the w/u so we were both solo. Thought we were moving during the threshold, but to be fair we were talking during the whole thing. Really having stomach problems during this workout, bolted for the bathroom twice - skipped the 4th 300 as a result. Think its time to cut back down on banana bread unfortunately.

This was not in my comfort zone, kind of giving up control to the effort, since it is so difficult to judge pace in the dark, but there was no point where I felt like I was hurting bad or that my lungs were burning or my legs were lactic or my face was clenching. It was just running hard, which I think is a good sign. I think this would have been a breeze in the armory.

I think I took a little bit more out of myself from the LR this past Saturday than I anticipated, but I felt about back to normal on this. Tomorrow I'll hop in with a back group for their workout (steady state, so I'll be in a 7:30-8:00 group), and then EZ on Friday. Such excitement.