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5 km


5:47 mi


Not much to say. Unseasonably warm, first windy day since spring, have had acid reflux for the preceding 24 hours, took two zantac, ate multiple bananas, still felt bad going in. Guy at the front (Colin) said he wanted to break 16, #2 guy (Eli - 26:20 guy from club) went with him - I tried to hang on, but they pulled away at the mile. 8:25 at the halfway mark and then gave up to the acid reflux the last lap and got passed by two more people. #1 ran 16:55. Pretty discouraged, another bad road race and the opposite of what I tell all of my runners to do. Sad!



One race Boehmke, don’t dwell on it too much. Just know that it wasn’t anywhere near where you can run, figure out what you can do next time to make it much better for the half and keep moving on with training. Minor setback for a major comeback.