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6:40 AM

6.2 mi


9:42 mi


208 lb
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Confusing run. Yesterday I ran Fiske at a 9:06 pace, today I ran a 9:42 pace??? The reason I say this, is on the return, Matt kercher caught me and pulled me to the first (of two hills)--I was definitely running faster than ususal. He lost me on the hill, then did a loop and caught me again and kept me running to the second hill (again much faster than I would have done running alone). then he did another loop at the end of the second hill--and he ran to Fiske (I ran to Vandeberg)--he was very cool today. But depsite Kercher pushing me I ran a 9:42 pace??? Doesn't make sense. I got a new Timex yesterday--same model as the last--I'd like to blame the watch--but, that doesn't wotk. Oh well, I ran....and at the end of the day, that is the most important part. I just need to remember this on bad running days like this......