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1200 m


4:10 mi

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So weird that I ran a 3:05 last year and it two completely different feeling after both races. First off I know I can run better, maybe I drop a couple of seconds if somethings didn't happen before the DMR. One thing I am thrilled about is that I can be one second of one of the hardest I've felt last year and it can feel like the easiest race. This definitely reinforced how crazy good I am and the shape I am in. I'm just itching now for my next race and get after it. I believe that by the end of these two weeks the country will see that I am the best mid distance runner in the country and if anyone is better than me than they are my boys which I have no problem with that.


Carina Collet

This is so wholesome. Can't wait to see you and all the cross bois tear it up these next two weeks!