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7:00 AM

50 km


7:27 mi


21 F

Race Result

2 / 51 (3.9%)


Third time finishing the Green Jewel but first time racing it. Ran the race I wanted and happy about the result and even-pacing. Finished 2nd place and missed the win by 23 seconds. PR by 24 minute over last year.

Set out with a plan for 7:30 pace (roughly 3:55 for the 50k) and it worked. After the start, two runners went ahead and I fell into the chase pack with a Greg and Kevin - two locals I know well. They paced me perfectly in the 7:15-7:20 pace through about 6 miles before I went ahead. Caught #2, who is new to the midwest and recently moved from Seattle. Leap-frogged with him until about 20 miles when I moved ahead. First place came into view at Ridge Rd aid station with 7 mile to go. That dude was tough and kept a 75-80 second gap on me and I couldn't close. Though I couldn't catch him, I appreciate his presence as he pulled me along faster than I would on my own.


13.5: Bagley Rd - 1:39:54 (7:24 pace)

17.0: Pearl Rd - 2:06:51 (7:28)

21.0: W130th St - 2:36:02 (7:26)

24.0: Ridge Rd - 2:58:53 (7:27)

26.9: Broadview Rd - 3:19:42 (7:25)

31.3 Finish - 3:50:57 (7:26)

Estimated marathon split ~3:14