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9:48 AM

5 km


3:58 km


168 bpm
185 bpm


Race Result

22 / 270 (8.1%)
4 / 12 (33.3%)
22 / 168 (13.1%)



After having ran a 20:18 last summer and having been unlucky with injury and weather over the year following it at Strathclyde, now I finally reached the start line with a chance of sub 20. I was not overly confident though as I have not done much speed work as I was focusing on marathon training. I felt in better shape than last year but was unsure about the speed.

I raced off at the start and was concerned when i saw 3:42 at the first km. Too fast, surely? I tried to contain myself but still ended up with my fastest mile time ever. The 2nd km was also under target pace but i was beginning to feel the pace.

Once i reached the turnaround at 2.5km and I felt the wind, I knew I had to push to keep the sub 20 dream alive. I was very happy to see 4:00 at 3km as I was fearing a significant slow down. I knew it as possible now as long as I didn't stop.

The 4th km was the slowest but I knew it wasn't slow enough to put me in danger. The last km I gave it my all but couldn't muster the strength for an all out sprint until 100m to go. Albeit that's the fastest last km I've ever had here.

A 19:48 was my reward. I thought I'd be ecstatic but I mostly felt relief at not blowing the lead.