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12:20 PM

10 km


4:30 km


177 bpm
190 bpm


18 C

Race Result

942 / 3560 (26.5%)
839 / 2249 (37.3%)
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Disappointing. I knew that I was not in PB shape but I thought I could get low 44s and maybe 43. But I really had to push on that last km to get under 45. That's only my 3rd best time at Hässelby despite 2018 being the year I've run the most.

It was warm but in truth I only noticed that once the race was over. Still it was a very cold 9C last year. But this was even slower than Midnattsloppet from 2 months ago - albeit by only 4 seconds. I've gone backwards a lot in that time and especially since the marathon. A baby and a move has meant that training has not been that regular but it hasn't been non-existent! So a bit down-hearted with this result.

I haven't bene doing intervals for a long time nor parkrun, maybe I need more speed work?

In summary, the effort was there but the speed was not.