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6:05 PM

15 mi


8:15 mi


180 lb
139 bpm
156 bpm


63 F


6 / 10
6 / 10
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I ran my first mile with Jeannie. We ran to the creek to meet our boys who like to hang out there with their friends. So, that explains why the first mile was very slow.

I was surprised I didn't have trouble with this run, given the 24 mile run two days ago, and eight miles yesterday. This went well, with almost no joint pain in my knee. No problems with my calves or stomach either :) I picked up the pace a few miles, but then felt it was prudent to reel back in the pace (which I was more than happy to do) given I haven't had a recovery day in several days. At the end of the run, I stopped in 7-11 to get some muscle milk. I attempted to quickly dash in and out because I was sweaty and could see salt stains on my black moisture wicking Harbinger shirt. However, I must have been standing at the refrigerator too long because I suddenly noticed a Ewing police officer was standing beside me. I excused myself, thinking I was in his way. He said "No problem. I figured you were beat because I saw you running out there and you were moving." It's nice to know the police are keeping an eye out for us runners :) Then a young couple stood behind me in line at the counter and asked how I was doing. I felt embarrassed because by that time I had seen myself in the mirror and knew I was a total mess. I wonder what these people think when they see a goofy-looking runner with sweat stains all over his black shirt. Anyway, I dismissively said "Pretty good, though I'm sweaty and probably stinky from running all those miles. Sorry about that." Then after retrieving my change, I darted out the door with my head down, as if that would keep them from seeing me any more than they already had. Funny. Note to self: time to order new running shoes; I can see and feel that the padding on these is wearing thin in the forefoot area.



Nice work with all the miles! Glad to hear that the calves are holding up well. I hear what you mean about balancing on a razor's edge with training while not getting injured, although I don't really think it has to be a razor's edge. I'm just saying you might want to be more cautious and risk the possibility of not being as fit as you could possibly be by 1% but then you decrease your chance of injury by 25% Those are real numbers by the way :) And you know I always follow my own advice :)