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7:00 AM

13 mi


7:19 mi


158 lb
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IPP - Flat


Taper - Very casual run. felt great. Craig told a story of an old Boston memory. His friend George who was typically a 2:40 marathoner was coming in over 3:00 and in the last 1/2 mile two officers walked onto the course and escorted him off. George knew he was struggling that day, but now feared he was in such bad shape that the officers were concerned for his health. This fear grew as the cops told him they were taking him to Mass General. Once at the hospital they put him in scrubs and walked him in to see his wife who was giving birth weeks earlier than scheduled.

I was astounded that the cops picked out the right runner, but the crowds were thinner back then (1980s). The hotel was stand up as well, since the child was born so early they needed to remain in town for 5 weeks. When he was checking out of the hotel, he explained that he could not afford the rate. Hearing his plight they gave him a hotel room at $25 per night as long as he needed it, and the following year the hotel offered the same room and rate and held a birthday party for the year old child.



Excellent story. And 2:40 marathoner...sounds like someone I know that can do that. That "Jeff" guy is right you know, you're doing a great job. Pleasure running with you this weekend ; )