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12:23 PM

6 mi


6:37 mi


163 lb
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This felt nice. I was pushing it slightly, but I so think I am close to 6:30's a my default pace in stuff 8 miles and less.

Take that Stalker dudes and dudettes.

I signed-up for USA Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships today as well.

Thurs. 800m

Fri: Steeple <-- so want this race

Sun: 1500m



Nice! and what no 400m dash? Come on, if you're still standing you got to the quarter...or that 8 miles or less of 6:30 means nothing to me.. ;)


If they put together a 4x400couple I'll do the quarter. Otherwise it's a sprint, blech.

Today I tried to bust out that quarter in the first cycle and 67I was the best I could do. That won't cut it.


67 not 671 ;)


that's fair enough. I sent in my registration for our track meet the week before Grandma's. 5000 for tempo work or race..we;ll see what happens when the gun goes off. Then the mile, 800, and 400. Might as well make it an interval day. If I'm standing, I'm running ; ) Top 3 Masters get medals...I likey those!


5k on the track? I'd go nutz. See you are better than me.