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Ate too much chinese food so my stomach hurt but at least it was warmish out. Tried to run across the street really fast but that made my legs feel lifeless and I had to take a moment to recover. As usual, I haven't taken my iron in centuries because I'm a lazy scrub. Ran to KLM today because I figured I should go enjoy it while there's no snow but it was really muddy so my shoes kept getting super heavy with mud which felt like such a springtime feeling :D Ran home and wiped my shoes in a snowbank to clean them off. I leave in 13 days!!!!!!!!!!!!! many emotions



No such thing as too much Chinese food :')

Leonel Rodriguez

Do you swallow iron pills now that you were taught how to when we went to nationals?

Sara Folliard

@Leah you need to come to Jade Dragon and experience the feeling of not being able to stop yourself until you've eaten too much Chinese food and then you will know and @Leonel you would think I would have graduated to pills by now...