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5 mi


8:00 mi


Took Anneliese, Megan, and Emma on a derpy little random route through the streets of Hinsdale, it was very nice to have company and it was quite warm at the beginning which put a spring spirit in my heart. Unfortunately I have once again allowed my iron to get low enough that I nap all the time and still feel tired, have lifeless legs, and have to stop all the time when I run to breathe and rest my legs. You would think that after having done this so many times I would remember how miserable low iron is and I wouldn't let it happen anymore but nooooo. Sorry for all the breathe breaks on the run today @AME, gonna try to start taking some iron again. But anyway after the run we ate some delicious bagels and fruit courtesy of my mother <3


Leonel Rodriguez

bagels are good, your mother is nice

Sara Folliard

I agree with both of those statements


woah, i never knew iron deficiency could make you tired


Sara I can empathize with you 100000%. Iron Deficiency Anemia ruins lives, take care of yourself and if you need to take time off definitely do so. Better safe than sorry <3 <3