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4.5 mi


8:00 mi


2 min into my run someone honked at me, turned out it was my friend (and old teammate) Mackie so she pulled over for a quick chat before I continued running. It's super weird how temperatures in the 20s feel warm now after all the cold weather--I wore too many layers this time and I had to take them off as I went. Everything was good today but I ate my banana pancakes too close to the run but no big deal. Made it a little farther on Dead Squirrel today but not to my favorite part yet. I was starting to get too tired but maybe later I'll do the whole thing. Dead squirrel got its name for a very predictable reason, one time we saw a dead squirrel on the street when we were running it. But Dead Squirrel is important for other reasons: it was along this route during my senior year that I was inspired to develop the concept of Drinkability and the Drinkability Scale. <-- Sara history lesson for the day



Curious to hear more about drinkability for sure. Also BANANA PANCAKES? that sounds sooooo good

Anneliese Schulz



I need to know more about the drinkabilty thing... also, did you listen to banana pancakes by Jack Johnson while eating your banana pancakes??



Noel Brindise

hey sara <3 your drinkability is 10/10

love, noel

Leonel Rodriguez

I love pancakes. Are the banana pancakes able to be put on the drinkability scale? if so what are they on it?

Sara Folliard

Riley: I didn't listen to banana pancakes but I did sing it in my head as I made my pancakes. And I will explain drinkability in a coming log

Noel: Thank you <3

Leonel: I also love pancakes!