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11:52 AM

7.4 mi


8:42 mi


153.2 lb
138 bpm
165 bpm
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First attempt at a "Hadd 2400m Test" performed on Work TM: (Calling this a "PCR" for log purposes)

Incline Goal HR Avg HR (for last mile) Speed

1.5% 125 bpm 128 bpm 6.3 mph

1.5% 135 bpm 136 bpm 6.8 mph

1.5% 145 bpm 145.5 bpm 7.4 mph

1.5% 155 bpm 155.5 bpm 8.2 mph

1.5% 165 bpm 164 bpm* 9.0 mph* (* only went about 0.6 mi total at this speed today ... )

The idea is to repeat this roughly every 6 weeks to see improvement; my speed at each HR level should get faster over time as I work on Low HR training. I *think* I will simply try to keep the bulk of my easy days at HR < 132 bpm or so. One day per week, I will do a 1-hour effort at ~155 bpm or higher (roughly MP HR). If I can get my speed at 155 bpm to be steady at 8.8 mph (or HR steady at this speed), that should be sustainable for a sub-3 marathon attempt. Well, that's the idea.