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5:35 AM

9.8 mi


8:31 mi


146 lb
139 bpm
167 bpm
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LMLS, 9.8 mi Hill/Sprints, SAM Hard

6 circuits of 800m @5K pace (9.6-10.1 mph), 400m jog 6.0 mph, 400m Hill (13%,6mph), 400m jog 6.0 mph.

This is a great workout for me, for some reason. I don't know if anyone else would agree, or if anyone else even does something like this, but it balances the strength work of the Lydiard Hills phase, with some of the faster paced stuff. I just feel like this is better preparation FOR ME prior to the Lydiard Intervals phase. (It maintains the weekly flow of the Base phase, which I love, and allows me to continue building up to longer Long Runs and higher weekly mileage before shifting to Intervals.) Also, I plan to shorten the Intervals phase (3 weeks instead of 4), and lengthen the Coordination phase (5 weeks instead of 4). Minor tweaks, but it gives me more time to gradually increase the duration of my Out-and-back runs during Coordination. I plan to run the mid-week Out-n-Backs as Alternations workouts (0.5 miles slightly faster than MP, 0.5 miles slightly slower than MP, repeat), so I would ideally build up to 10+ miles (build up from 6 miles).

Training Plan Entry

Aerobic Run

11.4 mi

11.4 mi (8.9 - 13.2), 1:37:00 (1:23:00 - 1:47:00), 8:30 /mi (9:14 - 8:04), HR: 129 - 148