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6:23 AM

8.7 mi


7:35 mi


150 lb


26 F
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Hamel Loop


Woke up, wasn't sure I was up to it. Right Achilles has been sore for a while now, so I was concerned about running at anywhere near MP. AND, I've felt sluggish in general lately -- was thinking I was coming down with something. Oh, and Brigitta begged to go outside this morning, which could've turned into a time-consuming ordeal, but didn't.

Anyway, I ran 5 really solid PCR/Tempo-ish miles following a 3 mile warmup (3rd mile was testing the waters to see how my Achilles would handle the pace). It felt good. Really happy that I didn't wimp out today. That said, I'm glad I took a few easy days this week. My 2 scheduled Interval workouts this week ended up being a missed day and an easy jog day. I apparently needed it after last weekend's tough runs. Looking forward to tomorrow's Long Run -- maybe 20?

Training Plan Entry


9.8 mi


9.8 mi (8.1 - 11.3)

1:11:00 (1:04:00 - 1:18:00)

7:08 /mi (7:48 - 6:47)