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7:02 AM

18.5 mi


7:31 mi


146.5 lb
146 bpm
165 bpm


29 F
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Baker Park


LMLS, 18.5 mi with fast finish, SAM Hard

Colder and windier than expected. Picked up pace after turnaround point; went from 7:35 to 7:24 to 7:18, then 7 more miles in the 6:55 to 7:12 range (3 miles were sub 7 minutes). Tough workout, high effort level, tough to sustain the last 5 miles or so, especially with the hills. Since I didn’t do the PCR workout yesterday, I figured I’d have plenty of gas in the tank for today for a FFLR.

Training Plan Entry

Long Aerobic Run

18 mi

16.0 mi (12.5 - 18.5), 2:18:00 (1:58:00 - 2:32:00), 8:37 /mi (9:24 - 8:12), HR: 129 - 148



A windy day at Baker makes for a tough fast finish run...


Thanks for checking in! The wind was in my face on the return home from Baker, and there was tiny hail at one point that felt like needles in my face. That should toughen me up.