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7:15 AM

13.7 mi


8:47 mi


153 lb
137 bpm
153 bpm
50 bpm


30 F
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12 mile Luce Ferndale Fox Stubbs Bay

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Modified the course, 13.7 mile route: from home, 101 South, thru downtown Wayzata, onto Ferndale south and west, to Fox west, but headed North on Willow to Luce Line East all the way to Ferndale, then North to CR 6, then home.

My Resting HR was 50 bpm this morning, weight was 152.5, both of which seem more "normal" than yesterday's readings (56 bpm and 155 lbs). Felt great, although frozen junk required porta john break at mile 10 or so. I did a good job of keeping my HR around 140 throughout the run, even slowing a bit on uphills to keep HR from rising too much. (My aerobic threshold, AT, based on (220 minus Age) * X, where X is 0.75 for average runners, and 0.85 for highly fit runners, gives me a range of 130 to 147, so I've chosen 140 as a target HR for AT workouts.)