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5:33 AM

9.3 mi


8:14 mi


146.5 lb
137 bpm
172 bpm
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LMLS, Intervals: 12 x 400m @ 10.0 mph, 1%, SAM Hard

My max HR only gets up to ~160 bpm (not sure about the one outlier at 172), and it didn't feel hard. Maybe 10 mph would've felt a lot harder 2 weeks ago. Is it even anaerobic? I could make it a lot harder by shortening the recoveries, but the RW plan seems to suggest a fuller recovery (e.g., HR down to the 120s or 130s before starting the next repeat). Not sure what to make of it; I've never had the Intervals phase feel this easy before, but maybe that's a good thing. I need to run my next PCR workout strong when I get home on Saturday ... or, run it easy on Saturday, and run a FFLR on Sunday with 8 miles at MP in the second half of the run. That probably makes more sense, since I'm traveling on Saturday.

Training Plan Entry


9 mi

5 km total: 12 x 400m in 1:35, ~6:20 pace,

w/ 400m jogs