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5:53 AM

9.7 mi


8:06 mi


150 lb


64 F
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Hamel Loop


6 x 800m intervals, w/ 800m recoveries. RW Plan pace was 3:17 each, with 3:08 being that fast end of the range.

Sooo, I overcooked this workout, I think (avg time was ~3:03). We'll see. It felt good, not strained at all. 3:17 works out to 6:34/mile pace, and I was faster than that on my mile repeats 2 days ago, so it seems that the plan is a bit conservative. Then again, I'll probably be feeling tired during my Half Marathon this Saturday (2 days from now). I may forego trying to set a PR and instead treat it strictly as my scheduled "PCR" training run. 1.5 mile warmup, 10 miles at 7:16 pace, 1.5 mile cooldown. I just don't think I'll be able to rein it in that much during this particular race.

Training Plan Entry


9 mi

5 km total: 6 x 800m in 3:17, ~6:34 pace

w/ 800m jogs