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6:01 AM

9 mi


8:02 mi


62 F
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Hamel Loop


12 x 400m intervals at 5K pace, with 400m jog recoveries (at ~9:00 pace). Felt pretty good, not wiped out at any point during or after.

Interesting that my 3/4 mile loop around the park is pretty darn accurate. My 1st and 3rd segments measured just short (0.24 miles each), and the 2nd segment measured just long (0.26 miles) consistently during the workout. My goal pace was originally 6:20 pace for this, but I felt absolutely fine running it at 6:00 pace or even slightly faster. It felt very controlled, not like I was pushing to make the pace, so that's a good sign.

Towards the end, I counted every 3rd step (assuming a 3 steps per second cadence) and it came out very close to 90 seconds for every quarter. Thus, I could do this workout on a road and just count to 90 seconds (rather than relying on Garmin, etc.). The counting seemed to be good for my cadence and form, I think.

Training Plan Entry


9 mi

5 km total: 12 x 400m in 1:35, ~6:20 pace,

w/ 400m jogs