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7:05 AM

10 mi


7:49 mi


146.6 lb
130 bpm
166 bpm
47 bpm


43 F
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2 w/u, 6 mi O&B, 2 c/d. 6:54 avg pace for the O&B. Started slow, each mile was faster than the last one.

HR was much lower than last week; temps are much cooler, AND there was no big headwind today. If the HR numbers are accurate, then I probably didn't push as hard as I should have today.

MTA: The HRM did some weird "drop-out" thing again today, with numbers dropping very low in the last half of the O&B. Eye-balling it, I'd guess that my HR was in the 155 - 158 bpm range (87 - 88% Max HR) for most of the last 3 miles, which is quite a bit higher than reported above.