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6:01 AM

13 mi


7:19 mi


146.6 lb
138 bpm
156 bpm
46 bpm


55 F
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Hamel Loop


Avg HR during 10-mile PCR was 147 bpm, Avg Pace was 6:55.

~1020 bpMi (a new record low).

Credit the cool temperatures. Only 55 F. I didn't feel super energetic at the start, so I ran it more by "feel" than by HR, and it worked out well. HR was lower in the early stages. I saw HR numbers come up to the 150 bpm range, but they would drop down into the low 140's on anything resembling a downhill ... which is a good thing, I believe.

I switched back to running the route that goes by Baker Golf Course today (after running the first 2 PCR's in an Out&Back route down Hunter and Ferndale to Luce and back). After today's 1020 bpMi result, I'm really not sure that the Hunter route is easier than the Baker route.