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6:06 AM

11.3 mi


9:22 mi


149.4 lb
137 bpm
170 bpm
49 bpm


44 F
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Hamel Loop


LMLS, 11.3 miles, No SAM.

Hmm. It was difficult to keep HR down around 130 bpm, until the last 2 miles that is. Notably, there were strong winds, and I only had a tailwind during those last 2 miles. Still, I had to run very slowly (avg pace was 9:22) and my avg HR was still higher than it should be (139 - 147 avg HR during miles 4-9). Factors: strong wind, hilly route, tough intervals yesterday (3 x 1 mi @5K pace), and maybe less than stellar sleep the last few nights.

This is something to keep an eye on the next few days at least. I had gotten comfortable thinking that my Treadmill results were reality -- 7.2 mph (~8:20 pace) w/ HR steady around 132 bpm in the last week. I didn't get anywhere near that pace today, and HR was too high.

My weight is lower than it has been in a while. Good? Or is there a correlation between weight dropping and struggling to run a decent pace?

Training Plan Entry


13 mi

7 @ MP