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6:21 AM

6.2 mi


7:47 mi


148 lb


50 F
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Shadyview Shiloh 5 mile

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My last 3 runs have felt great, and are at paces that seem like they are too fast. So here's a thought ... maybe I need a longer taper. I feel strong now, 2 weeks post-marathon. I've not only recovered, but I feel stronger than I did at the start of the marathon. My taper was really only about 2 weeks, and even then, there were some quality workouts that I may not have fully recovered from ... I've got 4 weeks until the next one. I'll do a 20-miler weeks before the marathon, then taper down. No goofy dietary changes this time (e.g., no fat loading, no caffeine deprivation, etc.).