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6:00 AM

11.3 mi


7:51 mi


150 lb


64 F
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Garmin said 11.4 miles total, but there was definitely an error at the beginning of the run -- first mile was short by about 0.1 miles or more. So I changed the total mileage to 11.3 miles.

Anyhow, good workout today. I expected it to be tough, due to a 17.5 mile Long Run on Sunday, 5 finishing miles of which were done at paces ranging from 7:40 to 6:58 (i.e., almost MP). My pace for Strength runs like today should be around 6:45 or 6:50, so I'm pretty happy with 6:40's. Not sure if I should set my TCM goal time to 3:00 based on this, or if I should keep it a realistic sub 3:05 goal. I would honestly be very happy with a PR (sub 3:09 or so) after my struggle at Boston.

Training Plan Entry


7.5 mi

STRENGTH: 4 x 1.5 mile @ 6:42 pace, 800m recovery jogs