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5:42 AM

13.5 mi


8:05 mi


145 lb
128 bpm
163 bpm
49 bpm


56 F
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7 x 1000m Intervals workout -- actually, I ran 7 x 4 minutes without any pace or HR info. My HR info is suspect (wrist-based), so I only have pace info AFTER the fact. My Average Pace during the 7 repeats was 6:14, which is a bit better than I hope for/expected; I was shooting for 6:25 pace, and I was intentionally not "pushing" hard, so it could have been 6:40 pace for all I knew. 6:14 pace at that effort level is encouraging. I believe my fastest repeat was at 6:05 pace, and my slowest was around 6:24, so I'm happy with those numbers, and with the fact that it was a steady effort (not a lung-buster).