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9:31 AM

3.1 mi


5:43 mi


50 F
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Saw something called ParkRun would be going on right by my hotel... apparently they have them all over the UK. Not unlike a Roxbury Race; weekly, free, about ~60-70 attendees, and no frills. All I needed to do was register and print out a barcode so figured it would be a fun way to get a little quality in. We checked the website and found out I could become a Derry ParkRun LEGEND by running only their 8th sub-17... thought if I was feeling good, why not!

Well I got there and wasn't feeling great, but also, with a look at the crowd, didn't want to be THAT GUY going HAM from the start. Kept it super casual because the whole environment was super casual. Didn't start all the way up, just hung out for a quarter mile or so, let the pack string out, then closed the gap to the front. Let off the gas again and cruised along. Some people dodging on the path in the second mile and lost a few seconds unsure of where the turnaround was, but NBD. Gave mi 3 a little more gas but still under control. Fun stuff. Some lady was doing some interviews about why people run for a documentary thing after and interviewed me... that was a first!