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2:46 PM

14.1 mi


6:37 mi


62 F
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Felt like getting LR over with today so headed back to Virginia Capital Trail. Was in the mood to get a little quality work in if I was feeling good. Started off with some VERY stiff Achilles tendons so wasn't sure how it was going to go but then I saw the mile split and figured I'd be fine. Intended to do 8E then 6 @ 6:20-6:25, mostly stuck to that plan but was a little faster on both sections. Overall felt pretty good! I like LR workouts... when I'm in shape for them.

Started from the same park as last time but went the opposite direction. Knew there would be a fair amount of running along the road and a few intersections to cross but was only 11 miles from the end of the trail in that direction so wanted to see if i'd get into Richmond from there. Definitely would be more fun on a bike but even with those not-so-scenic miles it was pretty nice. Sure beats 14 miles of loops by my hotel...