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7:22 AM

21 mi


7:05 mi

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15 miles with Dan Jones, then a fast finish on my own for the last 6. Nothing particularly remarkable about this one. It was either do this (which was maybe a little easier than I wanted for the weekend's LR) or do it completely alone so went for company. Fortunately, the DJ miles ended up being a little quicker than I thought they'd be so I was happy about that. Didn't feel particularly amazing for most of the run, though I think I still would have naturally sped up a little bit more if I was on my own. Wanted to finish with anything from 6M to 4M-2T, so kind of landed in the middle. It took a minute to find that next speed after so many 7:1x miles but was able to settle in alright after the first one. Was leaning towards 6M since I wasn't feeling particularly springy but unintentionally sped up on 5 so kept that going through 6. Maybe more tired than I'd like to be for a 7:05 pace run, but probably not inappropriate - 21 miles is 21 miles after all. We're getting there.