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1:00 PM

1500 m


4:43 mi


Mehhhh. The more I think about this race, the more pissed off I guess. Funky race, first 400 was about 67, which would have been great for me had it continued. But then, no one wanted to lead so the second lap was a 72. No one started to make a move until 500 to go, and then it turned into a kickers race... and I discovered I had no kick. Don't know what splits were like on the last couple of laps, but it wasn't impressive. After the race I was happy because I managed to stick with the pack for a while, but the more I thought about it, the more I then focused on how badly I got burned on the last lap.

It's not all negative... It was a windy day and I was kind of close to my PR. Erratic pacing might have worn me down a bit. And even though the pace was slow, I'm still proud of sticking on the pack for so long. But man, do I have some work to do. Definitely feel like I'm in better shape for a 1500 than an 800 at this point though.

EDIT: Can take a little consolation in the fact that the guy directly in front of me is a 4:11/4:31 guy, guy behind was 4:32