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6:29 PM

6400 m


5:13 mi


65 F
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4x200, 200 walk/jog

3x1600 @ T, 2min

4x200, 200 walk/jog

The good ol week-of-race workout. Went well, got grooving though maybe should have gone a few seconds slower... point of the extra energy is to use it Saturday! But, a few seconds aren't going to break any banks... in fact, this is probably in line with my goal for this weekend anyway. Just got a little excited because I knew the WO was short and rest was long. Ran em kinda dum though, first one was fine but the other two started with a quick couple laps to start. NBDizzle. Legs are coming along for sure, though. May not be in XC13 shape just yet but no question better shape than fall and hopefully last spring. I'll get a better idea Saturday I suppose.