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3:00 PM

1500 m


4:36 mi


WOO, but SO CLOSE to picking up my first States Q. But SUPER reassuring after last week.

In a heat with Bashir and Joe Frank. Props to Bashir for setting an awesome pace. I hit 300 in 48 (and 400 in 65), so I hit the brakes, but too much. Second lap in 70. Thought I picked up on the third lap but it actually ended up being slower in a 71. Joe passed me at some point during that lap, and I was in 7th going into the bell lap. THANKFULLY, had a kick this week, felt good and strong. Closed in a 67 to finish third in the heat.

I'm happy because it's a 3 second PR and 3 second mile equiv PR too. I'm upset that I let go so much on laps 2 and 3, but I'm not worried because I'm a little over a second shy of States B and there's EASILY that much time in those two laps. I think next race can be under 4:15, and I bet there's a couple seconds after that too.

But overall, I'm happy. Aggressive start, aggressive finish, tame middle. But it's a huge improvement and it's clear where the work needs to be done. I believe the fitness is there. I hate to say it but I think there was another gear left on that last lap, but I think I'm finally about to break my mold and get to it. Ultimately, FOR NOW, this is a race I can be proud of.

EDIT: Official splits from the timing system -- 49.00, 69.82, 71.13, 66.42.

Update: Have run faster en route during a mile. Mile converts to 4:12.10