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3:00 PM

4000 m


4:28 mi

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Pretty solid workout, first one on the fast side for this season. Was going to go up and down 2-4-6 at least 2 times, 3 if I was feeling great. Did a workout like this last year, also solo but in April, so well into 1500 training at that point. Still, everything was pretty on par (except the 200s were supposed to be faster last year), but the 600s were a solid 3-4 seconds better this year so that's good. Rests were long (jog of equal distance to the rep that was just done, like last year) but was A-OK with that for the first faster workout. By the end of the second down, calves were tightening and quality was dipping, so got trainers back on and finished up with 6 strides, figured 2 was fine for now.

So, good place for now, building that ECONOMY back up again. Got a decent aerobic base going for me, but now starting to get into speed endurance workouts that should help bang out a solid 3K. Past couple of days have worried me but feeling better after today.

Also, went spikes... want mile pace stuff, put on your mile gear, right?