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4:32 PM

12.1 mi


7:23 mi


159 bpm
177 bpm


86 F
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Well I *intended* to get out the door earlier today but alas. Lazy morning meant I missed out on cooler weather. Would have gone more in the evening but was having dinner with Ronnie's parents at 6:30 so pushed it back only as far as I could. Actually when I went to walk Basil around 1 it didn't feel so bad when it was overcast... thought run might not be horrible. It wasn't horrible, but it definitely got warm. Sun was out for most of it but it wasn't brutal... but man was I soaked by the end. Stayed on my marathon training LR route and grabbed some water around 7 and 11... probably about 20oz total and I was still 6lbs down after the run!

Listened to S Town more, rare to listen to anything on a LR day but I was feeling it today. Headphones are killing it, just needed to find the right pair with some customization options.

Still not concerned about a low week. I've got plenty of time to get the miles in yet.