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2:00 PM

800 m


4:13 mi

Race Result

19 / 33 (57.6%)


Double PR! Not the 2:02 I was looking for but kind of have come to expect that...

Felt okayyyyy going in but started running and did NOT feel energized. Rocked last place for a good 700m of that race (didn't realize it!). Coach explicitly made sure I wasn't going to try and lead (wasn't planning on it ever anyway), and was yelling "BE PATIENT" coming around at the 400, so I ran a very un-aggressive race overall, but a smartish one too, I'd say. Had a kick again, closed some ground on the guy in front of me but nowhere near enough for striking distance. I did what I could with it at least. Went maybe 61mid - 64? Don't really know, was just focusing on running controlled and kicking smart without dying.