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Relaxed run with a good crew. Chris, Jay, Jurdan, Neil, and Eric. Would have been fine going faster but I'm glad no one wanted to push it. Light rain on the second half which felt nice. Quads (especially right) were expectedly sore from the bridge, and legs were expectedly tired, but overall everything felt pretty good.

Last longish effort before BM. BM going to be... interesting. Does it make sense if, compared to my other marathons, I think I'm going into this one the most fit but not the most prepared? I had a lot more BIG efforts going into BM17 and HMM and did a lot more marathon-specific workouts, but in hindsight I think a lot of those efforts were too big. I know I'm a broken record but I think Kiawah and a few of my other races have demonstrated how well a more temperate training approach can work for me for longer distances especially. But even compared to Kiawah, I'd say my long runs have been fairly mild lately, and this block lacks the long consistency of Kiawah thanks to the AUS/NZ trip (but no regrets there). But still, I'm here popping off 10k PRs on training which I wouldn't classify as strictly 10k training (though to be fair I wouldn't classify it as strictly NOT 10k training either). I am going into this one with a few of my longest runs, so I guess there's a plus in the preparation department compared to the others. Hey, we'll know soon enough! It's mostly just a debate on how conservative I want to be. I think I trust myself more these days to feel out an appropriate pace for whatever conditions we're met with, but it'll be good to have an anchor number in mind once the adrenaline gets pumping.

I guess the good thing is, no matter what happens in Boston, I have 5 months of running of which I am extremely proud. Maybe that gives me a safety net so I can get aggressive, or maybe that's going to make me soft. I don't know. I'm rambling. I'm just excited.

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