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8:00 AM

5 km


5:30 mi


75 F

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2 / 500 (0.4%)
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Man wtf, I know I'm not supposed to care but they (free) raffled off EASILY $600 worth of gift cards, gave 1-3 in age groups a glass mug, gave 1st cash, but I got a friggin broken plastic trophy! Cmon, I would have preferred the mug at least! Not that a 17:05 really deserves anything but that kind of dumb inconsistency really irks me, especially for a race put on by the Charleston Running Club! At least I only paid $20 on this one, and I only ran it because I signed up like 2+ months ago and didn't want to waste my money. But still... bush league.

Alright, vent over. Another shitty race but I was expecting a shitty race so I met expectations I guess. Woke up feeling pretty shitty and stomach was doing a number on me second half of the race, half expected to throw up but kept it together. Race was at 8 but it was already at least 75 and DANG humid by then. This race seems to alternate between fast and slow years (honestly my guess would be because of the prize thing but who knows), and last year was fast so figured there was a chance of top 3 if the pattern continued. Saw Eric Ashton but no other area studs. He got out as usual, I was sharing third with some guys until a little before the mile when we caught the 2nd guy and I moved into outright second. A guy was right on my tail and we pulled away from 4th... let him come up and share 2nd for a while but he was never in front of me. Finally I started to move slightly away from him in a "who can die the least" sort of way around 2.4 and just barely held him off. I know I'm not remotely fit but I definitely think I could have reversed the splits or run a couple seconds faster by running a little smarter for the weather. Oh well, figured 16:50 was best case scenario today, been a shit few weeks. Again, only ran this because I had already signed up for it a while ago.

Not one of my favorite races around here, and not just saying that because I'm bitter about prizes. Just nothing really special about it, not dying to go back.