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2:00 PM

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7:27 mi

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Ran at Grafton Park, super excited to get on some trails. Hopped on a trail that was supposed to be 2.3 miles but Grafton evidently sucks butt at marking their trails. Knew I was lost when I hit the "Leaving State Park" sign but I was feeling particularly stubborn and thought I'd find my way back on the road. At around 35 min, cooled the pace a little because the million PRIVATE PROPERTY signs told me I was definitely in the wrong place and might be running for longer than I wanted. Kept expecting to pop out on Route 2 but this private road was COMICALLY long and I had no idea where I was when I got to civilization. Went with my gut and picked a direction, but finally decided to cut my losses at 50, swallow my pride, and turn around. When I finally got back into the park, found a shorter route back luckily, but it was also basically untamed wilderness that had no right to call itself a trail.

But you know, all in all, I enjoyed it!


Robert LaMarre

Sounds like a real adventure

Paul Malek

Update: I looked up the road I was on when I turned around... it's a good thing I turned around, or else it might have turned into a 30 mile run.