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1:13 PM

16 mi


7:04 mi


76 F
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Ran at the Ravenal Bridge with JP. He was having a rough day today so some slow miles slipped in there. He had been telling me to go since like mile 6 but I didn't want to leave him behind, but by 10 he was really feeling rough and insisted so I ran the last 6 on my own. Was going to do 17 but it was HOT today... thought I did enough hydrating but apparently not. Was really feeling out of it by 15 so cut it a little short today. Legs were tired to start, was itching to go early on but by the end I just wanted to stop for water.

Bridge is pretty sweet, going to be a cool race for sure. It does climb for about a mile but not too too steeply, won't be horrible. The two miles after the climb are going to be smokin. Looking forward to it!

Meant to run twice yesterday but it didn't happen. Oh well.