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12:00 PM

8 km


5:49 mi


Having not been sure whether I'd be okay to race as late as Wednesday this week, I can't complain about today. I knew my fitness was lacking after how much effort I had to put into the workout on Wednesday, but I didn't want to change my race plan because of it (best case scenario, I'm super tapered and bust out something special). Had a good first mile (~5:20) and pretty good next two, but then my elliptical days and 25 mile weeks caught up to me. But hey, still got in under 29. Objectively, I'm not satisfied, but considering, I'll take it.

XC was a little disappointing. Lots of prep without much payoff, things just didn't go my way for most of the races this season. Lake Placid set up some nice expectations, but then a Saratoga DNF, an okay Williams run coming off knee problems, a sub-optimal Saratoga on a gimp knee, a DNS at states, and today. Let's hope things go my way a little better in indoor. GOTTA KEEP ROLLING.