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6:18 PM

5.8 mi


5:55 mi

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There's a watch glitch in there but I think I made the correction. Workout with Chris... this was an effort! But I guess bright side is it's on par with the same workout from shortly before I left on my trip. I guess I never really died looking at the splits now, just had to dig a bit more than I like, and the pace would slip pretty easily when I wasn't focused. Probably just felt like I was dying as Chris started to pull away on the later reps. But all in all it was solid work. We alternated hard laps and I did my best to not slow Chris down too much when I was leading. Oh yeah and Greg was there.

4x(4-8-4), 200 between reps, 400 between sets

75.5 - 2:35.4 - 76.3

76.3 - 2:36.0 - 77.0

75.3 - 2:33.9 - 76.0

74.8 - 2:35.2 - 74.9